Programming Custom Templates

Citavi offers a number of default templates, for example "Custom Field 1 contains data". You can simply customize the template to make it do the opposite, for example "Custom field 1 does not contain data."

1.Select a template, for example Footnote - Book - (Default template).

2.On the Template menu, click New.

3.Click the green plus sign next to Programmed custom conditions available in current citation style.

4.Click Program a custom condition.

5.Type the following under the code line //add macro code here:
return !BuiltInTemplateCondition.

6.After you type the period, a selection menu will open containing all the built-in teamplates. Select the one you want, for example CustomField1NotEmpty.

7.Add a period and type the following after the period:

The template should now look like this:


Background: The exclamation mark in front of BuiltInTemplateCondition ensures that the opposite of the default condition will happen.

If you need a special condition, contact the Citavi Support team.