Using Special Components

The citation style editor has several special components:

Author, Editor or Organization

The Author, Editor or Organization component can be used instead of each individual component so that the first one that is available is listed. This makes it particularly suited to in-text citations or footnotes, but also means that you cannot combine it with suffixes such as "Ed."

Edition Derived

Edition derived extracts the edition number from an edition such as "2nd improved and expanded edition" and lists only it in the bibliography.

First Footnote Number (for footnote styles)

Use the First Footnote Number component to refer back to a reference cited in a previous footnote, for example " Smith (see footnote 14)". To use this component, you must add to the footnote rule set a conditional template, using the Reference was cited in a previous footnote condition. Then add the First Footnote Number component to the template.

Index in Bibliography (for reference number styles)

The Index in bibliography component is used for numbered styles. Add this component to the In-text citation rule set and then, under File > Citation style properties > Bibliography, select Numbering and customize the numbering if you want. When you format the publication, Citavi inserts a number in the text that matches the entry in the bibliography. The bibliography lists references either in the order cited or alphabetically.

Year derived

Year derived ensures that a year is always shown, even if the reference type otherwise uses a date. The year is derived by the following rules:

Citation Key

See the chapter Customizing Citation Keys. We recommend the option Use title if "Citation key" field is empty.

Abstract, Table of Contents, Evaluation, Keywords

The Abstract, Table of Contents, and Keyword components, and the Evaluation components (found on the Content tab) can be added to the Bibliography rule set templates if you want to create a project bibliography with additional information. However, this information will not appear if you're using the Word Add-In.