Editing a Quotation

You can edit quotations in both the Reference Editor and the Knowledge Organizer.

The Knowledge Organizer shows you all the quotations (and thoughts) in your entire project. In the navigation pane your category system is displayed. The number of knowledge items in each category appears in parentheses. In the middle pane you will see all thoughts and quotations saved in the project.

To edit a knowledge item, double-click it. Make your changes, and then click OK.

To assign another category to the knowledge item, right-click the quotation and then select Assign categories. You can also drag a quotation to the category you want to assign it to by pressing and holding the left mouse button.

If you want to edit the bibliographic information for a quotation, select a quotation in the middle pane. On the Knowledge items menu, select Edit related reference. Alternatively, right-click the selected quotation and select Edit related reference from the shortcut menu.

In the Reference Editor you can edit quotations by first selecting the reference they are associated with. Changes can be made on the Quotations & Comments tab.