Editing or Deleting References

Citavi's Reference Editor provides three ways to work with your references: tab view, list view, and table view.

Working in Tab View 

Tab view is where you can edit a reference.

  1. Click one of the tabs, for example: Reference.
  2. Place the insertion point in the text box where you want to make a change and enter the information accordingly.
    For some fields, you can also click the blue field labels or press F9 to open an editor window. Some fields also offer a menu with existing entries. These fields are marked with an arrow symbol icon_listenmenue .
  3. To clear a field, select the text in the field and press Backspace (Delete).

Working in Table View

To edit references in Table view, use the keyboard shortcut Alt+Ctrl+T.

To edit references in Table view, on the Edit menu, click Turn on editing in place. Please note that not all fields can be edited in place.

Deleting references

To delete a reference, select the reference and click Delete (icon_loeschen).

You can only delete the current reference in tab view. Table view allows you to select multiple references and delete them all at once.

Please note:

In versions prior to Citavi 6.2, it is not possible to undo a deletion. If you accidentally delete references, knowledge items, or tasks, you need to restore the items by opening a backup of your project. In Citavi 6.2 and later you can restore your items from the Recycle bin. You can open the Recycle bin by clicking File > This Project > Recycle bin. In cloud projects, the recycle bin saves deleted references for no longer than 30 days.

Sorting, Grouping, or Exporting Multiple References in Table View

In the Reference Editor, click Table on the toolbar. A window opens showing the references as a table where you can: