Error C403

Saving to the Citavi Cloud failed


Step 1: Back up your work

Back up your work by copying your recent changes to a new local project. On the References menu, click Copy or move to a Citavi project. Please note that you can't back up "Thought" knowledge items in this way. Instead, select them in the Knowledge Organizer and copy them to the Clipboard. Then, paste them in the new local project.

Step 2: Log in again

Log out and then log back in to Citavi:

  1. On the Welcome Screen, right click the first letter of your name or your picture if you added one to your Citavi account.
  2. Click Log out.
  3. On the Welcome Screen, click the Login symbol:
  4. Enter your user name and password.

Step 3: Upload your cloud project again

Repeat Step 1, but this time transfer the information from the new local project to your cloud project.