Error C407: Saving in the cloud failed

You're working with a cloud project. Citavi could not save your most recent changes in the cloud.

If you want to save a project in the cloud for the first time and error C407 appears, there are several causes that could be to blame:

The project contains a large number of categories

Lists (Persons and organizations, journals, etc.) contain duplicate entries

Special causes that can only be ascertained by examining the project


If you are working with Citavi 6.3 or later and can find a file with the .changemap extension (see Saving in Cloud Projects), you can close your project in spite of the warning. The next time you start Citavi, it will offer to upload the unsaved changes.

If your project contains a large number of categories, follow the steps in this FAQ article.

If you suspect that the problem is being caused by duplicate entries, follow the steps in this FAQ article.

If the project was already saved in the cloud once but still displays error 407, invite a member of the Citavi Support team to the project so that they can troubleshoot the problem. Make sure to also write an email to the support team.

Please send the error message and the OperationID to the Citavi Support team.