Error C412: Error while accessing local project

The project file still exists and is not corrupt. However, Citavi still cannot access it. Access is blocked.

Possible reasons:

You are using a program that automatically synchronizes files on your drives. This program is synchronizing while you are attempting to make changes to the project.

You're working on a project in a team and one of your team members has the project open over a very slow Internet connection. As long as the project is being loaded by the other person's computer, you cannot save changes. If you experience this problem often, you should either switch to Citavi for DBServer or save your project as a cloud project.


If you're working with a synchronization program disable it while working on Citavi projects.

If you're working in a team:

1.Ask your other team members if they have the project open.

2.Wait until all team members let you know that the project has completed loading.

3.In the lower-right of Citavi, click the red exclamation mark. There you will see the option to run the Save command again. You might need to repeat this step if the project is still open on other team members' computers or if it was recently closed.