Error while saving due to external circumstances

Citavi cannot save your local project under the following circumstances:

Your hard drive, USB flash drive, or external drive has no available disk space.

Check how much space you have available and delete unnecessary files if you need to. The quickest way to free up some space is to use the Windows Disk Cleanup feature. Click the Windows Start button. Then start typing Disk Cleanup. Click the entry and then click OK.

Defect in the hard drive or USB flash drive

You can use Windows to check if your storage medium is damaged: Windows Explorer > Right-click the drive name (usually C:) > Properties > Tools > Check > Scan drive. Please note that this is a simple check. If you would like a comprehensive system scan, use the cmd command chkdsk /f.

Disk quota exceeded

You save your projects on a network drive and your system administrator has only alotted you a limited amount of disk space on the network drive. This amount (i.e. the disk quota) has been used up. Quick solution: delete files you no longer need. Long-term solution: ask your system adminstrator for a higher amount of disk quota

Network drive not available

You save your projects on a network drive. The connection to the network drive was interrupted, for example if the Internet or VPN connection experienced a problem. Try to connect your computer to the network drive again.

No editing privileges

The project file was given the Read-only attribute. Right-click the file, and then click Properties. Clear the checkbox next to the Read-only attribute. If necessary, contact your system administrator.

Incorrect storage locaiton

The project file was sent by email and then double-clicked within the email. Or, the project database was opened directly from a ZIP file. Save the project somewhere else.