Adding to the First Name Database

When you enter or import names of persons, Citavi automatically tries to assign a gender to an author based on the author's first name. You can amend the internal first name database to include first names that Citavi could not identify or if you want to change the gender of a first name already in the database.

1.Close Citavi.

2.Create a text file and enter each first name on a new line. Enter a comma and the letter "M" (for male names) or "F" (for female names):
The list does not need to be sorted alphabetically.

3.ave the file with the name Firstnames.txt in UTF-8 fomat. We recommend using the Notepad text editor included in Windows. In Notepad select Save as > Encoding > UTF-8.

4.Copy or move the Firstnames.txt file to the folder Citavi 6\Settings.

The file will be used in addition to the internal first names databases.