General tab

User name (for local projects)

Citavi uses your user name exclusively for logging changes to projects, and for printing various lists. This helps you organize your work and is useful if you work in a team or share bibliographic information with others. When you are editing Cloud projects, Citavi uses the user name from your Citavi Account.

Reopen last project automatically (skip Welcome Screen)

Select this option to automatically reopen the last project you worked on when you start Citavi. The Welcome Screen is skipped.

Your Cloud projects are opened as offline copies if you're not connected to the Internet.

Clear recently opened projects

Citavi remembers projects and documents you used recently, which makes it quicker to open the project. Click this button to clear the list of recently opened projects. After the list has been cleared, the Welcome Screen will only display projects saved in the folder for user files.

Program warnings

Some Citavi warnings include an option to not show the warning again. Click Reset warnings.

Product development

Citavi never saves any usage information. If you want, you can contribute to Citavi's product development by sending your usage information to the Citavi Team. This information is mostly anonymous. However, your name might be visible in a file path, for exampl C:\Users\jane.doe\Documents\Citavi 6\Custom Citation Styles\My_style.ccs


If you experience an error while working with Citavi, the Citavi Support Team might ask you to send an activity log for error diabnosis.