Citavi for DBServer

With Citavi for DBServer you administer licenses with the Citavi DBServer Manager and with the Windows Active Directory on a database server. In contrast to Citavi for Windows, licenses are not managed or assigned online in Citavi Account.

Three license types are available:

Per Seat License

 Concurrent License

 Combining License Types

It's possible to combine Per Seat and Concurrent licenses.

Team members that need to be able to access Citavi at all times, can work with the more cost-effective Per Seat licenses. All other users can share a certain number of Concurrent licenses.


License Usage

Licenses for Citavi for DBServer are administered with the Citavi DBServer Manager. If license assignments occur via the Active Directory, when Citavi is started, the license is drawn from the Windows login.

Information for System Administrators in Businesses or Other Organizations

If you want to use centralized licensing on a terminal server installation or on multiple Windows installations, please purchase licenses for Citavi for DBServer.