Recording Locations

The Tasks & locations tab allows you to record the call number of an item in a library. You can also record the location of an item in your own personal collection (a room, bookshelf or file folder) and the name and location of files on your computer.

Recording the Location of a Work in a Library

  1. In the Reference Editor, switch to the Tasks & locations tab.
  2. Click Location > Library location.
  3. Enter the name of the library.
  4. Enter the call number, for example GT2919 N33 H37 1985.
  5. Click OK.


To see a list of all the libraries you have saved, on the Lists menu, click Libraries. You can rearrange the order of the libraries by clicking the library you want to move, then clicking the arrows in the toolbar to move it up or down. This way, the libraries you use most often can be placed at the top of the list.

Recording the Location of a Work in a Private Collection

  1. In the Reference Editor switch to the Tasks & Locations tab.
  2. Click Location > Private Collection.
  3. Enter the name of th location, e.g. Living room, or select an existing location from the list.
  4. Enter any call numbers or file number you want to add, for example Kr4.
  5. Click OK.