Moving to a New Computer

To continue working with Citavi and your Citavi projects on a new computer, follow these steps:

Save Your Data From the Old Computer

As a default, all of your personal Citavi files, including your projects and any citation styles you may have created, are stored in the folder Documents\Citavi 6. Copy this entire folder with all of its subfolders to an external drive (e.g. a USB flash drive or a network share). If you don't remember where you saved your user files, click Tools > Options > Folders > User files.

Note: Storing projects in the Citavi Cloud

With internet connectivity you can quickly access your Citavi projects. If you previously stored your projects in the Citavi Cloud, you can simply log into your account and will be able to access them. However custom citation styles will be still have to be transferred manually. They can be found in Citavi 6\Custom Citation Styles.

Uninstall Citavi on the Old Computer

Uninstall Citavi

Install Citavi on the New Computer

  1. Download the latest version from our website:
  2. Double-click the Citavi6Setup.exe file and complete the installation.
  3. Copy the Citavi 6 folder you saved to the new computer. Overwrite the folder Citavi 6 with the folder Citavi 6 from your old computer.
  4. Start Citavi.
  5. On the Welcome Screen, click the login symbol: icon_login
  6. Enter your login information for your Citavi account.