Multiple Last Names

Authors with multiple last names are added differently depending on the language. In Spanish-speaking areas a person may have two different surnames. Use the first surname to reference the person.


In Citavi

Luis Eduardo Romero Vera

Romero Vera, Luis Eduardo

Francisco Rodríguez Marín

Rodríguez Marín, Francisco

In Portuguese-speaking areas there can be two or three surnames. Use the last surname to reference the person:


In Citavi

Maria Helena Peres Varela Silva

Silva, Maria Helena Peres Varela

Maria Alice Oliveira Lusitano Gonçalves

Gonçalves, Maria Alice Oliveira Lusitano

João Oliveira Martins

Martins, João Oliveira


If you enter more than three first names, Citavi assumes the name is an organization and saves the entire name in the Last name field. To enter more than three first names for a person, press the F9 key to open the Author editor window. Then, move the first names to the First name field.

Hyphenated names are always treated as a single last name and appear in the last name field.


In Citavi

Dieter Meyer-Renschhausen

Meyer-Renschhausen, Dieter

Klaus-Dieter Meyer-Schmidt

Meyer-Schmidt, Klaus-Dieter

Edgar Roquete-Pinto

Roquete-Pinto, Edgar