Enabling or Disabling the Citavi Icon

Sometimes you may not want the Citavi icon to be displayed, for example, if you're making a screenshot for a presentation or if you're editing the source code of a website. You can disable the ISBN and DOI detection temporarily or permanently.

Disabling the ISBN and DOI detection temporarily

  1. Open up a webpage in your browser.
  2. Right-click the page.
  3. On the shortcut menu, point to Citavi Picker and then click Settings.
  4. Clear the Enable identifier detection checkbox.

Disabling the ISBN and DOI detection permanently for specific websites

If the Citavi icon continuously appears on a page where it is not wanted, you can create a Blocklist to prevent the Citavi icon from appearing on this page. Create a text file and save it with the name blocklist.txt. Then enter each domain in the file. Save the file in the folder %ProgramData%\Swiss Academic Software\Citavi Picker\ .

Each domain should appear on a separate line. For example:


In the first example, the Picker would not appear on any page that appeared under http://www4.uwm.edu/sarup/. In the second example, all pages would be excluded that had the characters uwm.edu in the URL. In the third example all websites with the letters sarup in the URL would be excluded.

*) If your version is older than Citavi 6.5, use the file name blacklist.txt.