Prefixes are Sometimes Linked to the First Name and Sometimes to the Last Name

Prefixes are prepositions, articles, and their combinations, such as von, van, du. They are linked to either the first or last name depending on the language or citation style. Use the author editor to specify how names should be recorded. Place the insertion point in the Author or Editor field and press F9 . If the prefix should appear with the first name, enter it in the Prefix field. If it should appear with the last name, enter it directly in the Last name field.

Please note:

After importing references check if the prefixes were sent to Citavi correctly. Depending on how the database exported the prefix, you might need to move it to the correct field.

If you decide not to enter a person's name using the author editor, please note the following rules:

In German-speaking areas, prefixes are attached to the person's first name:


In Citavi

Max von der Grün

Grün, Max von der

Karl Reichsfreiherr vom und zum Stein

Stein, Karl vom und zum

Prefixes are attached to the last name if prepositions and articles are placed before the surname:


In Citavi

Jürgen vom Scheidt

Vom Scheidt, Jürgen

Prefixes are attached to the last name in Luxembourgian names:


In Citavi

Émile van der Vekene

Van der Vekene, Émile

In English-speaking areas, prefixes are attached to the last name


In Citavi

Daphne du Maurier

Du Maurier, Daphne

Knightley d’Anvers

D’Anvers, Knightley

The Scottish "Mac/Mc" is always part of a last name:


In Citavi

Arthur MacDonald

MacDonald, Arthur

In French, Italian and Spanish names as with names of Latin origin, prefixes are attached to the last name:


In Citavi

Jean de La Fontaine

La Fontaine, Jean de

Antonio Di Pietro

Di Pietro, Antonio

Maria Della Casa

Della Casa, Maria

Gertrud von le Fort

Le Fort, Gertrud von