Reassigning Contributions

If you notice that you added a contribution to the wrong parent reference, you can easily correct your mistake. Simply switch to the contribution. On the Reference tab, select the correct parent reference from the dropdown menu.

If you notice that you have multiple entries for the same parent reference, you'll need to perform two steps. First, delete the duplicate references and then link the contributions to the parent reference that is left:

  1. Locate duplicate entries:
    You can see which parent references have duplicate entries. To do so, on the References menu, click Show duplicates only.
  2. Designate the parent references that should be saved:
    Select the duplicates that should not be deleted. Change the short title for these references by pressing Alt+Ctrl+S) We recommend inserting the @ character in front of the short title so that it is quickly recognizable. For example, the short title Miller 1949 - Death of a Salesman would temporarily be changed to @Miller 1949 - Death of a Salesman.
  3. Reassign contributions:
    Switch to the parent references you want to delete. From the Reference tab go to each contribution and reassign it to the parent reference with the short title that you changed in Step 2.
  4. Delete duplicate parent references:
    On the References menu click Show duplicates only and delete the duplicate parent references you no longer need.
  5. Change the short title of the remaining parent references back to what it previously was.