Reassigning References

Use the feature Reassigning References if one of the following applies:

In a style that uses in-text citations:
If you notice that even though your project only has one reference by an author that was published in a given year, such as Miller 2011

In a style that uses footnotes:
If you notice that when you cite a reference in two consecutive footnotes, "ibid." is not added to the second footnote


You cited a reference in your Word document. Later, you deleted the reference from your project. When you wanted to cite the reference again later on, you added the reference to your project again and then cited it again in your paper. Citavi cannot recognize that the reference is the same as the one you deleted.

Technical Information: Every reference in a Citavi project has a unique internal number. The Add-In for Word uses this number to link a reference in your document to the reference in the corresponding Citavi project. An internal number that you already used cannot be assigned again, even if the reference with that internal number was deleted. Once you've inserted a reference or a knowledge item into the Word Add-In, all the bibliographic information for the reference is also saved in the Word document. This means, that all of the information necessary for citing a reference remains in your Word document, even if you delete the reference in your Citavi project. This includes the internal number. In another chapter we explain how you can make use of this feature to export bibliographic information from your Word document).

Reassigning References

1.In Word on the Citavi pane on the Citations tab, search for the incorrect reference. Usually, the citation will have a two question mark icon next to it.

2.Select the citation and click Assign reference at the very bottom of the Citavi pane.

3.Search for the correct reference, select it, and click OK.

4.Repeat this step for all the citations in your document that correspond to the deleted reference.