Repairing the installation

The following problems can be easily fixed by repairing the Citavi installation:

The Citavi Word Add-In is out-of-date
You can check to see if this is the case by comparing the the Word Add-In version number with the Citavi version number.
The Word Add-In version number can be found in Word on the Citavi ribbon, by clicking About. The version number of Citavi can be found by opening a Citavi project and clicking Help > About.

The Citavi Word Add-In is either disabled or does not appear.
This can happen if you install a newer version of Office or install Office after installing Citavi.

The Picker for Acrobat does not appear
This can happen if you installed the Picker for an older version of Acrobat and later install a newer version.

Repairing the installation of Citavi has no effect on your Citavi projects, Word documents created with the Word Add-In, or your license key.

Repairing Citavi

1.Close all programs (Citavi, Word, browsers, Acrobat, Outlook, Windows Explorer, etc.).

2.Switch to the Windows Control Panel.

3.Select Uninstall a program.

4.Select Citavi 6.

5.Click Change.

6.The Citavi 6 Setup Assistant starts. Click Next.

7.Select Repair and then click Next to begin the repair process.