Reviewing Search Results

When an online search returns a lot of results, you usually only want to keep the best ones. You can either clear the checkboxes for the unwanted results in the search results window so they are not added to the project, or you can add them to the project and review them later on.

With large sets of search results, we recommend adding all results to the project for later review. Citavi automatically applies the search results as a selection. In the selection you can browse just the new references, remove unwanted ones, and mark interesting ones, for example by applying labels or adding tasks.

You may not always have time to review search results right away. In these cases, it makes sense to add Examine and assess tasks to the references you just added. Then you can review the new references at your leisure. You can also view the import group a few days later, since Citavi saves the last 25 imports performed at a given time.

Adding Tasks to a Set of Search Results

  1. Perform your online search and add the results to the project. Citavi applies the results as a selection. Press Ctrl+A to select all the results. On the References menu, point to Batch modify.
  2. Click Add task.
  3. !!!
  4. Select a task, for example Examine and assess.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Click Cancel selection to cancel the selection and show all the references in the project.


You can also use Batch modify to apply keywords to search results. For example, you can apply the search term as a keyword.