Searching Inside Files

You can search the full text of files that you've attached to references in your project.

The feature described in this chapter is available in Cloud projects and in Citavi for DBServer projects saved on an SQL Server. If using this second option, the full-text search needs to be set up on the SQL Server. Although you can run a search in local projects, no index is available and Citavi will search each file individually. This can take a very long time.
The full-text search and the search within Citavi works the same way as long as the search query only consists of normal text. Operators such as =, >, >=, <, or <= only work in the Citavi project search, since the user of operators in the full-text search is not possible for technical reasons. Searching for a date in Citavi (for example, 1.1.2017) will also return dates in a different format (for example, January 1, 2017 or 01/01/2017). The full-text search will only return results that match the exact text of the date entered.

Searching Inside Files

1.In the Reference Editor, on the toolbar, click Search or press Ctrl+F.

2.If you're searching all fields, Citavi will look for your search terms in all attached files. If you only want to search attached files, insert the ft: field code.

3.Click Search.

4.Citavi displays the files containing the search term under Locations.

5.Select the file you want view and click Show.


When you enter the term Information literacy Citavi searches all fields and all attached files.
t: information literacy searches for the term in title fields but not in quotations, attached files, etc.
ft: information literacy searches for the term in attached files but not in title fields, quotations, etc.
a: Smith AND ft: information literacy searches for the author "Smith" and an attached file containing the term "information literacy".

Helpful Hints

The search does not distinguish between uppercase and lowercase letters.
Searching for "WHO goes to court" also returns "Who goes to court?".

The Whole words only checkbox does not work for the full-text search in attachments.
Searching for lit does not return literacy.

Use an asterisk (truncation) to search for parts of words:
Searching for Litera* returns literate, literacy, literature, etc.

The Equivalent characters option in the Search dialog is not supported. (Please note: The SQL Server full text search handles certain character combinations as the same character (for example the German character ß and ss). These settings cannot be changed.):
Entering the German word Buße returns Busse.

You can use quotation marks to search for word combinations (phrases):
"photovoltaic solar cells" or "photo* solar cells"

You can combine the search in your project with the search within full text:
(a: Watson OR a: Crick) AND ft: Desoxy*

You can combine multiple full text search queries:
ft: Desoxy* AND ft: Watson AND ft: Crick

You can use regular expressions, but if you do the database index is ignored and each attached file is searched individually: