Searching in Attached Files

You can search the full text of files that you have attached to references in your project from within Citavi. How to do this depends on the kind of project you are working with:

Searching in Attached Files

  1. In the Reference Editor, on the toolbar, click Search or press Ctrl+F3.
  2. If you're searching all fields, Citavi will look for your search terms in all attached files. If you only want to search attached files, insert the ft: field code.
  3. Click Search.
  4. Citavi displays the files containing the search term under Locations.
  5. Select the file you want view and click Show.


When you enter the term Information literacy Citavi searches all fields and all attached files.
t: information literacy searches for the term in title fields but not in quotations, attached files, etc.
ft: information literacy searches for the term in attached files but not in title fields, quotations, etc.
a: Smith AND ft: information literacy searches for the author "Smith" and an attached file containing the term "information literacy".

Search operators such as =, >, >=, < and <= don't work in full-text searches. In full-text searches, a search for a date (e.g. 1-1-2017) will only retrieve the exact string of characters entered.
The use of a question mark ? as a placeholder for unspecified letters also doesn't work in full-text searches. However, you can use an asterisk * to truncate search terms as long as you are working with cloud projects or have set up full-text indexing on an SQL server for your DBServer projects.

Helpful Hints