Short Titles, Citations, and Citation Keys

Short titles help identify a reference in a Citavi project

Every new reference you enter in Citavi is given a short title used to identify it within a project. The Citavi short title is not intended for use in your formatted paper.

Citavi automatically generates a short title for every reference, but you can change it at any time. Citavi creates the short title following this model: Bawden 2001 – Information and digital literacies. The last name is first, followed by the year of publication, then a dash, and then the first few words of the title. To change the short title, you can double-click it, or you can hover the mouse pointer over the short title that appears just below the toolbar. Or press Alt+Ctrl+S.

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In the window that opens, type the new short title and then click OK.

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In-text Citations are Used to Identify a Reference Cited in a Publication

Citations are used in your paper to cite references whose full bibliographic information is given in the bibliography. Typical in-text citations might look like the following, depending on the style you are using: (Bawden 2013) or [23].

Citation Keys Allow you to Display a Cited Reference in a Shortened Form

There are two reasons why you might use citation keys:

For both of these types of citation styles, Citavi offers the Citation Key feature. In the chapter Customizing citation keys you can learn more.