Creating a New Cloud Project

Are you logged into Citavi?

If you see the Login icon in the upper-right corner of the Welcome Screen, person you are not yet logged in. Click the Login icon to log in with your Citavi account information. Now you can create a cloud project.

  1. Start Citavi.
  2. Click New project.
  3. Select Cloud project.
  4. Enter a project name. The project name can contain special characters and spaces.
  5. Click OK.
  6. Start adding references to your project.

If you ever switch to a new computer, your cloud project will initially not appear on the Welcome Screen in the list of recently opened projects. You will need to open it by clicking Open project and then clicking the Cloud tab. Select your project there. The next time you start Citavi, your project will appear on the Welcome Screen.

Please note:

Are you using a custom citation style? If so, you can find it on your computer in the folder \Documents\Citavi 6\Custom Citation Styles and not in the Citavi Cloud. If you are working on multiple computers you will need to copy your citation style to this folder on each computer.