Technical Requirements for DBServer

To use Citavi for DBServer, please ensure that the following technical requirements are fulfilled:


Database server: An up-to-date server PC with at least 8 GB RAM. Recommended: disk RAID and a stable electrical connection.


Do not install Citavi for DBServer on a server that is also the domain controller (see the Microsoft Knowledge Base).

Enough disk space for the database in which Citavi projects will be saved. Typically, 1 GB is sufficient.

Enough disk space for attached files. Usually 5 GB are sufficient.

SQL Server Software

Database: All Microsoft SQL Server versions  and editions as of SQL Server 2008 R2 or later.

Management Tools: SQL Server Management Tools can be used but are optional. Citavi includes its own server management tools.


Data volume: When Citavi projects are loaded, a considerable amount of data is transferred over the network. A fast network (100 Mbps or 1000 Mbps) can noticeably reduce the amount of time it takes to load projects. Editing and saving in Citavi projects does not have any noticeable impact on network load.

On the server computer, the firewall for the SQL Server needs to be open.

The location for attachments (PDF files, etc.) needs to be a shared folder on a network drive. The drive can be on the same computer on which the SQL Server database is run, but it doesn't have to be.