Conflict Management

Citavi for Windows lets multiple people work on a Citavi project at the same time. Under certain conditions, two users may be making changes to a reference at the same time. In such cases, Citavi solves such conflicts by saving the changes of the user who made the last change.

Conflicts can only occur at the field level. For example, if a user changes the edition number of a particular reference from 2 to 3 and another user is also making changes to the edition field of the same reference, the changes from the user who leaves the field last are saved.


As far as conflicts are concerned, the entire category system in a project acts as one single field. If multiple people are making changes to its structure at the same time, only the changes made by the last person will be saved. Changes to the category system's structure include adding a new category, deleting an existing category, and moving categories. However, changing the name of a category or adding a reference or quotations to a category is unproblematic.