Upgrading Citavi 5 for Windows Team Projects

If you were using Citavi 5 for Windows in a team on a network drive, you will want to prevent each user from accidentally converting the project the first time they start Citavi 6. Here's how:

  1. Tell your team members to close the First Start Assistant that appears the first time Citavi 6 is started. If you are distributing Citavi 6 using a software distribution program, you can modify the MSI Setup so that the First Start Assistant doesn't appear at all by enabling the Disable First Start Assistant option.
  2. One team member should then open each project saved on the network drive in Citavi 6 to convert it. He or she should also select a new folder on the network drive as the project location. This team member can then let the others know where they can find the new project.

If there are a lot of network projects that need to be converted, you can use a macro we've created to make this process faster.