Viewing Tasks

Use the Task Planner to get a better idea of important or pressing tasks. Click Quick select to see common task selections and to separate out the tasks that are most important or the most current. Additionally, you can set your own individual criteria to view only certain tasks in the list.

Creating Your Own Selection

1.In the Task Planner, click Advanced selection in the left-hand column.

2.Select the options you want: for example, "copy" tasks with a high priority.


You can save your selection by clicking Save selection . Choose a name that reflects the selected tasks (e.g. order books soon!). The selection will now appear in the Quick select menu. To delete a saved selection that you have created, select the saved selection. Then on the Edit menu, click Delete saved selection.

Working with Columns

You can change how columns are displayed in the Task Planner:

Change the selection of columns by right-clicking a column header and then clicking Choose columns to select the columns to display.

Click a column header to sort by that column. An arrow next to the column name shows in which order the column is sorted.

Change the order of the columns by dragging column headers.

Change the width of a column, by dragging the dividing line between the column headers. To fit the width of a column to its contents, double-click the dividing line to the right of the column header.