Inserting Knowledge Items

You can insert quotations and thoughts from your Citavi project into your document with just a click.

  1. Place the insertion point where you would like to insert the quotation or thought.
  2. To quickly insert a quotation and its citation, on the Knowledge tab, double-click the quotation (or other knowledge item). To add additional information or to change the type of citation, select the quotation (or other knowledge item) and then click Insert advanced.

Please note:

Once you have inserted a knowledge item into Word via the Add-In, its text is no longer linked to your project. You are now free to modify its content in Word to your liking. The original knowledge item can still be viewed in your project.
However, that also means that modifying it will not affect the text you already inserted in Word.

Working with Footnote Styles

If a footnote style is selected in your document, the Word Add-In will insert the text of the knowledge item in the body of the text and create a new footnote containing the citation.

If you want to add an additional citation or a quotation to the footnote, place the insertion point in the footnote. Select the reference or knowledge item and then click Insert.