Inserting references

On the References tab you can insert citations into your text. The references are formatted according to the citation style.

Quick Insert

1.Place the insertion point where you would like to insert the citation.

2.On the Citavi pane on the References tab, double-click the reference you want to insert. Or, select the reference and then click Insert.

Insert with Quotation Page Range

If you want to insert a reference with page numbers, you can directly insert the page numbers when inserting the reference.

Method 1:

1.Select the reference on the References tab.

2.Start typing the page numbers, for example 14-15. The Word Add-In inserts the reference and page numbers.

Method 2:

1.Select the reference on the References tab.

2.Click Insert advanced.

3.Enter the page numbers in the Page range field, for example 14-15. Do not enter pp. 14-15 or p 14-15. The citation style will insert the necessary prefixes.

Insert Advanced: Author-Date Citations with Other Formatting

You can use alternate formatting for in-text citations in author-date format.

Example 1: ... and so Captain Nemo said "La mer est tout" (Verne 1870, p. 74).
Example 2: Jules Verne has his main character exclaim "La mer est tout" (1870, p. 74).

As a default Citavi inserts citations like the one in Example 1 in the format (author date). You can choose another format if you want:

1.Select the reference on the References tab.

2.Click Insert advanced.

3.Choose the format you want from the options available: (Person), (Year) or Person (Year).

Changing Author-Date Citations Later On

1.Right-click the citation.

2.Point to Citavi.

3.Select the formatting you want: Person only, Year only or No parentheses.