Information for Administrators

Citavi for Windows: Assigning licenses

You purchased one or more Citavi licenses for your organization. You now want to distribute these licenses to your users.

  1. Log in to your Citavi account.
  2. Click Licenses.
  3. In the License column, click a license that has the Unassigned designation.
  4. Next to User information, click edit.
  5. Enter the email address for the license recipient. If you want to assign the license to yourself, enter your own email address.
  6. We will send an email with a confirmation link to the email address you entered. After the recipient clicks the link, the license will be available in his or her account. If the recipient does not have an account, he or she should create one with the same email address the license was assigned to.

Citavi for Windows: Removing a license and transferring it to another user

If you purchased multiple licenses, and a Citavi user later leaves your organization, you can transfer the license to another team member. If you're working with Citavi 6, select the license in your Citavi account. Next to User information, click edit. If you're working with Citavi 5, contact the Citavi Support team to request a license transfer.

Citavi for DBServer: Downloading a license file

Your organization is using Citavi for DBServer. You purchased either per seat or concurrent licenses in the Citavi Shop. After your purchase, the license file is available for download in your Citavi account.

  1. Log in to your Citavi account.
  2. Click Licenses.
  3. Click Download license file.
  4. If you're the database owner (DBO), start Citavi DBServer Manager and install the license file on the server.