Adding Thoughts

The Thoughts feature lets you save and manage ideas, comments, and explanations about any reference, topic, or project you are working on. By assigning categories to thoughts, you can create a web of relationships that can help you structure your ideas and arguments.

Please also read the notes on the Evaluation and Notes fields.

Adding a thought

  1. On the toolbar, click Thought.
  2. In the Core Statement field, enter a concise formulation of the main idea of the thought.
  3. Enter the thought in more detail in the Text field.
  4. Enter Keywords if desired.
  5. In the Categories field, assign one or more categories that help establish relationships with other quotations or thoughts.
  6. If you want, assign your thought to one or more Groups.


Instead of text, you can also add a sketch or photo as a thought. To do so, click Add image or file.