Categories vs. groups

You can organize your references and Knowledge items with the help of categories and/or groups. Both systems can be used in parallel.

When to use categories

You can use categories to organize your topic systematically, from general to specific. The deeper a category is embedded in the hierarchy, the more specific its content is. Categories allow you to mentally anticipate the eventual organization of your publication.

When to use categories

You can use groups to support your work process or to organize your bibliography according to various criteria.

Examples of groups that could be used to support work processes:

Examples of groups that could be used to organize bibliographies:

Please note:

At present, a grouped bibliography can only be created with The Citavi Word Add-In, and not yet with the Citavi Assistant.

Square brackets indicate that you do not need to specially create this group to use it to organize your bibliography. Instead, simply specify in the group definition that, for example, all literature that is not classified as "Primary literature" should be assigned to "Secondary literature."