Importing References in a Standard Format

Many online databases let you export your results in a standard format, such as BibTeX, RIS, and EndNote Tagged.

Exporting Database Search Results

  1. Conduct a search in a database of your choice. e.g. Sage Journals.
  2. Select your desired references.
  3. Choose the appropriate command to begin exporting your references, e.g. Download selected citations.
  4. Choose your desired export format, e.g. RIS.
  5. Click the appropriate button to begin the download, e.g. Download Citation.

Importing Results from Online Databases

  1. Open your Citavi project.
  2. Click Add. new_o_black
  3. Select From a text file (RIS, BibTeX etc.).
  4. Select Standard filter (RIS, BibTeX and ENW).
  5. Click Search to select the file to be imported, or drag and drop the file into the field. Citavi Web will automatically select the appropriate filter based on the file extension (RIS, BIB, or ENW).