Inviting a Team Member

Owners and Project Leaders of a cloud project can share the project with as many other users as they wish. The Owner role is assigned automatically to the user who creates a new cloud project.

Inviting a team member

  1. Open the Citavi Cloud project.
  2. Click Team options in the upper right.persons_black
  3. Enter the email addresses you want to send an invitation to. You can enter multiple email addresses.
  4. If you wish, you can add a brief message explaining the purpose of the invitation.
  5. Select the role that the new team member should have in the project: Team Leader, Author, or Reader.
  6. Click Invite. The future project member will receive an email with an invitation link. As soon as the new project member clicks the link, the cloud project will appear on his or her Welcome Screen and can be opened directly from there.


You can also invite other people to collaborate on projects from the Citavi Welcome Screen without first opening the individual projects. Click More more_black next to the project name. Click Team options. Continue from Step 3 above.