Short Titles, Citations, and Citation Keys

Short titles  helps identify references in your Citavi project.

Citavi assigns a Short Title to every newly added reference. The short title serves as a unique identifier for the reference in your project.

Citavi follows this template when creating a short title: author's last name, year of publication, first words of title, e. g. Bawden 2001 – Information and digital literacies.

You can change a reference's short title:

  1. Click More more_o_black.
  2. Click Change short title.
  3. Enter a new short title.
  4. Click OK okay_o_black.

Short citations help identify works cited in your publication

Short citations are automatically created based on your citation style as soon as you insert a reference in your text using the Word Add-in. It appears as a reference number style [24] or author-year combination (Mueller 2013b, p. 14) in the text, or as a full citation in a footnote. Citavi ensures that every in-text citation refers unambiguously to a corresponding entry in the bibliography.

The short citation is not visible in your project.

Citation keys provide a highly condensed form of a reference.

Citation keys are used in two situations:

For these kinds of special citations keys, Citavi offers Citation key support