Adding Summaries (Green Highlights)

You can add a summary when you want to give a brief overview of a longer passage (paragraph, section or chapter) in a few sentences.

If you want to express the single main idea of a shorter passage an indirect quote is a better choice.

Selecting a text passage and adding a summary

  1. Use the text selection tool to highlight the relevant text Icon: text selection tool. If you are summarizing an entire section or subsection, you only need to highlight the title.
  2. Click Summary.
  3. Citavi creates a new Summary and generates a core statement automatically using the first few words in the selection. You should ideally change the core statement to better reflect your understanding of the text passage. Enter your summary in the Text field.
  4. You can use Categories, Groups or Keywords as needed.
  5. Complete or correct the content of the Pages to-from field, which gives the location you took the quotation from.

The green bar on the left allows you to view all the text selections you have added as summaries.