Adding Indirect Quotations (Purple Highlights)

Use indirect quotations when you want to paraphrase important text passages.

If you just want to refer to a text passage without having to formulate a paraphrase, use the red highlighter. If a text passage is a longer section or chapter, create a summary instead.

Select text and create an indirect quotation

  1. Use the text selection tool to select the text you want to highlight Icon: Text Selection Tool.
  2. Click Indirect quotation.
  3. Citavi creates a new Quotation in your project, which consists of only a Core statement. This is composed of the first few words in the selection. You should ideally change the core statement to better reflect your understanding of the text passage.
  4. Add your own paraphrase of the original to the text field. Use quotation marks for any terms or phrases taken directly from the original.
  5. You can use Categories, Groups or Keywords as needed.
  6. Complete or correct the content of the Pages to-from field, in which you can location you took the quotation from.