Formatting a Publication

When you format a publication, Citavi searches the placeholders in your document, replaces them with the correct formatting, and adds a bibliography. Citavi saves the formatted document as a copy, so your unformatted manuscript remains.

Important: When you need to make changes to your document, always edit the unformatted manuscript and then format again! A formatted copy cannot be formatted again.

Citavi works with documents created in Microsoft Word (2000 or later) and Writer (version 3 or later, in either or LibreOffice). However, you can work with other programs, too, as long as they save documents in Rich Text or ODT format.

slideshow-icon        Formatting a Publication

Placeholders that were successfully matched to a single reference appear with a green check mark. Broken placeholders appear with a red X. Broken placeholders are either ambiguous (placeholders that match multiple references) or do not match any references at all. Citavi creates a copy of your document and replaces all placeholders with the corresponding citation in the selected citation style, and according to any placeholder options you may have used. Citavi also creates a bibliography from the references cited in the publication.

  1. Click a broken placeholder. The preview displays the placeholder in context..
  2. Click Select reference.
  3. A search window opens. Find the correct reference and double-click it or click the reference and press OK to finish.
  4. Citavi corrects the entry.