Using a Site License

Many educational institutions, companies, and organizations have purchased site licenses for their employees and students. As a member of a participating organization, you can request a free license key for Citavi Pro or for Citavi Team. Check here to see if your organization has a site license.

This license key will be valid for the duration of the organization's site license agreement. If your organization renews its license agreement, we will email you the new license key before your license key expires.

If your organization does not renew its site license for Citavi, or if you leave the organization, and therefore are no longer entitled to a current license key, Citavi Team or Citavi Pro will continue to run as Citavi Free. In Free mode you can

The only limitation is that you cannot save if you have more than 100 references in all open projects. For a project containing fewer than 100 references there is no loss of functionality.

As a site license user of Citavi, you are entitled to purchase your own personal Citavi Pro (not Citavi Team) license key at the discounted upgrade price. These versions never expire and allow you to save as many references per project as you want. To order a discounted license key you must have an active site license at the time of purchase.

To order a discounted license key, in Citavi on the Help menu, click License. Click Learn more about your license key's expiration date and how to renew it. On the next window, click Save 50% when you buy a personal license key with no expiration date.

If your site license expires and you have not entered a new license key, Citavi Pro or Citavi Team will continue to work as Citavi Free and you will still be able to view and export all of your data.