Overview of License Types

Citavi Free

Citavi Free has the complete functionality of Citavi for Windows or Citavi for DBServer, with one limitation: you cannot save if you have more than 100 references in all open projects. Each reference can have an unlimited number of knowledge items, however. Local projects containing more than 100 references can be opened in read-only mode with Citavi Free.

Citavi Free users are not entitled to support services, but can post questions in the Citavi Forum.


Would you like to test Citavi for DBServer? You can use Citavi Free to do so. Use the Citavi DBServer Manager to create a Citavi database on an SQL server. Then, test the access with Citavi Free. One user per database can then work on projects containing up to 100 references. If you'd like to test Citavi for DBServer with larger DBServer projects or with multiple users, please contact us for an evaluation license.

Citavi for Windows

When you purchase Citavi for Windows, you will either receive a personal license key (i.e. a named license) or a voucher code that you can exchange for a personal license key. Each license is thus assigned to a particular person.

Citavi saves the license locally in the user's Windows profile. Users working on the same computer with a different profile cannot use the same license.

Users with a license are entitled to Citavi support services and can contact the Citavi team by email or in the Citavi Forum.

Citavi for DBServer

Two license types are available for Citavi for DBServer:

Per-seat and concurrent licenses are saved in the server database. To work with the license, the user must be connected to the server.

Registered users are entitled to Citavi support services and can contact the Citavi team by email or in the Citavi Forum.

Information for University System Administrators

If your institution has a site license for Citavi and you are using Citavi for DBServer, please send us a request for concurrent licenses.

Information for System Administrators in Businesses or Other Organizations

If you want to use centralized licensing on a terminal server installation or on multiple Windows installations, please purchase licenses for Citavi for DBServer.