New Features in Citavi 5

Stay Up-to-Date with RSS Feeds

The new welcome screen not only gives you a better overview of the last projects used, your settings, and your license information. It also helps you stay up-to-date with a built-in RSS feed reader. When you're searching a database, you can save your search as an alert or RSS feed and enter it in Citavi. Each time you start Citavi, you'll see the latest articles on your topic.

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Find Full Text Faster

The "Find full text" feature is now faster than ever before. You can also continue working in Citavi while the search runs in the background. If your university provides access to full-text articles via EZProxy, you can now login from within Citavi to more quickly download full-text articles.

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Annotate PDF Files

In Citavi 5 you can analyze texts the same way you would on paper. If you just want to quickly highlight important sections of a text, you can use the yellow highlighter or the red highlighter to save the highlight and its main idea. If you want to analyze a text passage more closely or save its exact wording or paraphrase it, you can save it as a direct quotation, indirect quotation, summary, or comment. Text can also be saved as an abstract, table of contents, or keyword. You can even assign tasks to a text passage.

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Organize References or Knowledge Items in Groups

In Citavi 5 you can now organize items with groups. How do groups differ from categories or keywords? Categories and keywords always have some association with the content of your references. Groups can help you organize your work or sort references in a way unrelated to their contents.

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Save Searches

Are you always looking for the same information in your project? By saving your searches you can now work more efficiently.

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Collaborate in Large Teams

With Citavi for DBServer you can create projects on an SQL Server or an SQL Express Server. It's then possible to work with hundreds of people on a project and across networks.

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Additional New Features