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Online search and import

Online Search and Import: Edit Credentials for Subscription Databases

For Citavi for Windows users, Citavi can remember the login credentials for subscription databases. To change these credentials, select the database, then click Change. To delete them, click Remove.

ISBN download

This ISBN download feature lets you download the bibliographic information of books from a bookseller or library catalog by simply entering the ISBN numbers of the books. Click Add database or catalog to choose the catalogs Citavi uses for ISBN searches and then use the arrows to set the order they are searched in, with the highest-priority database or catalog first in the list. You should put the library you normally borrow books from at the top of the list.

Location search

You can use the Find library locations feature on the Tasks & locations tab to find whether a book in your project is available at your local library. Select catalogs of libraries you can borrow from. Click Add database or catalog to select the catalogs to search. Use the arrows to move your preferred library to the top of the list.

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