Defining Bibliography Formatting

Citation styles determine which components you need for bibliography entries. For books you usually need the first and last names of the authors, the title and subtitle (and possibly the series title) place of publication, publisher, and year of publication. For journal articles you almost always need to include the author, article title, the name of the periodical, the volume, and occasionally the issue number.

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Drag the components you want from the list of components to the Default template in the Bibliography rule set.

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Here's an example of the how a fully-defined template might look for the Journal article reference type.

After that you would define each component more exactly and determine the punctuation for each component. : Names of persons, dates, numbers (editions, volumes, issue numbers), page numbers, and periodicals. Define the punctuation between the components as a final step.


Even if you're using a style that does not call for a bibliography, you should still define the Bibliography rule set, since Citavi uses this rule set for the feature Show current reference in current citation style and for the Overview tab.