Changing the Position of Citations

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Your citation style determines whether citations appear in the text or in the footnotes.

If you start working with one system of citation style and later realize that you need to use a different system, you can use this feature to convert all in-text citations to footnotes or vice versa.


Before you begin, close all programs that save clipboard data, for example PhraseExpress.

  1. Open your Word document.
  2. Click the Citavi ribbon.
  3. On the Convert menu, click Change citation system.
  4. Select either "Convert In-text citations to footnote citations" or "Convert footnote citations to in-text citations".
  5. The Citavi Word Add-in will create a copy of the document with the converted citations.


If you convert footnotes to in-text citations, the Citavi Word Add-In will ignore footnotes containing any additional text.