Checking the Full-Text Extraction

Most files attached to a reference in a Citavi DBServer project are indexed automatically, regardless of file type. This ensures that you can quickly search full text files. If you import a lot of files into a project, the initial indexing process can take a long time. Citavi does not need to be running during the indexing.

You can check the indexing status at any time:

  1. Open the desired DBServer project.
  2. On the Reference tab, click the gear symbol near the bottom. Click Full text extraction overview.
  3. You will see an overview of the texts that have already been processed and which ones are still waiting to be processed.

Under certain circumstances you may want to re-run the extraction for certain files or edit the extracted text:

Re-run the full text extraction for individual files in Citavi

Select the file and click Start extraction.

Edit the full text extraction for individual files in Citavi

To edit extracted text, double-click the indexed file and then make changes to the indexed text.

Re-run the full text extraction for all DBServer projects in the Citavi Database with the Citavi DBServer Manager

  1. With the user role Database owner, open Citavi DBServer Manager.
  2. Select Actions > Database > Configure full text search.
  3. Click Uninstall Citavi full text search.
  4. Click Install Citavi full text search.

The next time a DBServer project is opened attached files will be extracted again for the full text search.