Citavi Folder Structure

Citavi saves all user-specific files to one location. By default, this is Documents\Citavi 6. This folder can contain up to five subfolders:

Archive: Citavi can save a copy of a local project here after you upload it to the Citavi Cloud. Projects that were first created as cloud projects and later saved locally are also saved here.

Backup: This folder contains backups of your local project files. Backups are automatically created each time Citavi is closed. For each project, Citavi creates a new subfolder that contains the backups for the project file and any Word files created with the project.

Custom Citation Styles: This folder contains citation styles you've modified or created.

Custom Help: You'll only see this folder if you've modified quick help texts.

Projects: This folder contains a folder for each project. Each project folder contains the project file as well as the Citavi Attachments subfolder. If you delete a link to a file in the Citavi Attachments folder from within Citavi, it will be moved to the subfolder Citavi Attachments\RecycleBin. The Citavi Attachments folder also contains the Cover subfolder. This folder contains all cover images that you added on the Overviewtab.

In addition, Citavi saves your program settings in three files that you can find in the folder %appdata%\Swiss Academic Software\Citavi 6\Settings:

EngineSettings.cus: This file saves general information: user name, RSS feeds, interface language, recent projects, ...

FormSettings.cus: This file saves form information, for example, window sizes and positions.

UISettings.cus: This file saves interface layout settings: add-ons, paths for recent projects, splitter position, etc.

In addition, Citavi saves user-defined dictionaries in the the \ProofingTools\Custom folder.