Configuring the Firewall

Make sure to allow communication with the following resources in your network:

Online search, updates, Citavi Account login, etc.

Installing Add-Ons

If you cannot access this address/port, it is possible to manually install the desired add-ons.

Real time communication between the Citavi Servers and Citavi Clients (Citavi 6.3.17 and later)

In the Firewall the WebSockets protocol for the addresses listed above should be accessible over Port 443. (WebSockets over Port 443 are usually not blocked, so you usually won't need to change this configuration.)

For access to user and project settings

For access to attachments:

For the Citavi Account page to be displayed correctly:

Telemetric data (statistical usage information, error messages)

By default the transfer of telemetric data is disabled in Citavi. You can also use the MSI Setup to block users from being able to enable this option. In this case you do not need to change the Firewall configuration.