Exporting to Another Citavi Project

Occasionally you might want to move references from one Citavi project to another. For example, you may want to divide a project into two projects.Or, you may want to send a colleague recommended sources for a particular topic.

If you want to send a project to another person, please note the following:
If you didn't save your attached files in the default Citavi Attachments folder but instead used a folder that only you have access to, copy the files to the Citavi Attachments folder so that the recipient also can access the attached files:


Exporting to Another Citavi Project

  1. If necessary, use labels or a search to create a selection of references to export.
  2. In the Reference Editor, on the References menu, click Copy or move to a Citavi project.
  3. You can choose to:
    1. Export the current reference, selected references, or all references
    2. Copy or move references (if you move references they will be deleted from the original project),
    3. Copy or move references to a new or existing project.
    4. Not copy or move references that are already in the destination project (Citavi checks ISBNs, DOI names and PubMed IDs).
    5. Open the destination project after exporting
  4. Click Next. Select which additional information you want to include with the references.
  5. Click Finish.


You can also copy or move individual quotations, thoughts, or locations to another project. Select the item you want to copy, press Ctrl+C to copy the item to the Clipboard (or use Ctrl+X if you want to move the item), and then paste it using Ctrl+V.