Creating Grouped Bibliographies

The Group Bibliography feature allows you to list the references in your bibliography in sections for better organization. For example, your bibliography could be arranged according to the following categories:

Books, journal articles, internet documents

Cases, legislation, all other reference types

Primary sources, secondary sources (with subsections for books, journal articles, and internet document)

Sources and supplementary reading (further grouped into books, articles, and Internet documents)

Publications by one author, all other publications

In each Citavi project you can select different criteria according to which your bibliography should be grouped. You can also save multiple grouping defintions.

Please note:

A reference in your project can only appear in one section per bibliography. Avoid problems later on by being careful not to include a reference in two groups, for example in primary and secondary sources.

You can also save multiple grouping definitions in each project and switch between them. Grouping definitions can also be exported for use in another project or by another Citavi user.

You can use groupings to create grouped project bibliographies or you can select a grouping in the Citavi Add-In for Word. The Add-In automatically separates the references in your bibliography into the sections you defined along with any subheadings you added.


Creating a New Grouping

Example Groupings

Downloading Grouping Definitions

Inserting Additional Headings

Switching or Deleting Groupings

Sharing Grouping Definitions