Once you've compiled the components for a template, you need to separate them with the appropriate punctuation. When defining punctuation, work from the back. Suppose your style guide requires:

Miller, Sue: New Age. Boston, 2007.

This should be read as: Comma and space before the year; period and space before the place of publication, a period before the edition, a comma before title, a colon and space before the year of publication.


Do not enter parentheses or text into the fields Punctuation before or Punctuation after. For parentheses use Text elements.

Start with the last component. Enter the punctuation and a space, if necessary, in the Punctuation before field.

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After you've added all the punctuation, check how everything looks in the preview.

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In the Punctuation after field, enter the punctuation mark that should mark the end of the citation. This is usually a period. If you want to make sure that a footnote does not end with a period, delete the Punctuation after in all components in the rule set.